Texas Hill Country Hash Bowl with Soft Scrambled Eggs

4 Servings
Texas Hill Country Hash Bowl with Soft Scrambled Eggs
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hash browns, cooked according to package instructions and set aside
2 cups
Cornbread or Corn Muffin Mix, baked according to package instructions using buttermilk, cooled, crumbled and set aside
smoke-roasted brisket, diced or pulled into bite-size pieces and set aside
2 Tbsp.
large eggs
3 Tbsp.
BBQ sauce
2 Tbsp.
green onions, minced
2 Tbsp.
black pepper, to taste



  1. HEAT a 10-inch nonstick sauté pan over medium heat until hot. ADD 2 Tbsp. butter to melt, and ADD crispy hash browns, crumbled cornbread, and brisket. STIR to heat evenly, and KEEP warm.
  2. BREAK eggs into a mixing bowl and WHISK until blended. In a second 10-inch nonstick sauté pan, WARM butter and ladle approximately 4 ounces of egg into pan and STIR with a wooden spoon until eggs form soft curds.
  3. SPOON eggs into center of service bowl and SPOON ½ cup hash brown mixture over top. DRIZZLE with BBQ sauce and SPRINKLE with green onions and black pepper.


Insider Tips

  • Make a Tuscan-style version by swapping out the cornbread and brisket for fried polenta croutons and red wine braised short ribs.
  • Dress it down by substituting the cornbread and brisket with biscuits and breakfast pork sausage crumbles. Then drizzle with country gravy.